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Escaping Syria - Lebanon - Ongoing

March 6th 2013 marks the registration of the millionth refugee at the center in Tripoli, Lebanon. A number expected in June 2013. Today, in June 2016, there are 1,033,513 registered Syrian refugees and 247,736 living in households in Lebanon. It is estimated that double this number have not registered yet and living in terrible conditions.

Since the Syrian uprising in January 2011, families have escaped their homes, leaving all their belongings behind, their houses destroyed, terrorized, looking for a safer place to live. In August 2011, UNHCR launched the Tripoli registration center, ensuring extension of services to persons under its mandate. 600 to 800 refugees register at the Tripoli registration center every day. 2000 register in all of Lebanon. And there are 7000 daily registrations throughout the region, in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and North Africa. Which brings us today to a number of 4, 806.762 registered Syrian refugees in these countries of asylum.

Escaping Syria